Mineral Rights Lease Available District of Tenmile-Outside in Harrison County

My family has a lease with Antero that is expiring without any production. It is part of a 50 acre tract 18-263-26. I am looking for suggestions of who I should contact as potential Lessees; EQT, Dominion or others. Your comments will be appreciated.

I went to the WV Office of Oil and Gas Permit search site https://dep.wv.gov/oil-and-gas/databaseinfo/Pages/OGD.aspx and put in Harrison as the county and dates from 12/1/2015- today. Antero, XTO, HG Energy, and a couple of others showed up. That site does not list district. You could go to that site’s map search WVDEP Oil&Gas Well Information and use the same search terms. If you know where your district is, you can see which companies are active there.

Thank you Nancy, I will check this out.

I might be able to help you get your land leased. Feel free to reach out Brett . mccormick at monarchfc . Com