Mineral rights in Weld County, CO

My Wife has inherited a % of the mineral rights to land in Weld County, CO. Specificly in T7N, Range 64W, Section 2 & T 7N, R63W, 6th PM. The mineral rights may extend to over 7k acres but we are not sure at the moment. Is there any activity at the moment beyond companies looking to sign up owners and secure contracts?

We have been contacted by several companies looking to secure contracts. Any help or information as to what is happening in this area will be greatly appreciated. We are in Ca and can't get to Co to see for ourself's due to some limiting age factors.

Many thanks in advance for anyones help.


You should go to the Colorado Oil and Gas Concervation Commission web site at: http://cogcc.state.co.us/

look along the left side for permits and click on it. I see permited wells in section 35 of 7N 64 and permit request on 7N 63W. Take a look.

Bob, There is tremendous activity in Weld county. I manage minerals for several clients who have inherited minerals and work in other industries. Some have minerals in Weld so I keep track of activities there as well as surrounding counties… Large responsible drillers are drilling very expensive wells using recently developed and proven technologies and will be doing so for many years to come in my opinion…

Please let me know how much of a percentage your wife owns and perhaps I can help you out…

Hi Bob…you might want to plunder through our Weld County Minerals forum on this web site…lots of info there…Nothing much to see at the site of your mineral leases, just range land and dry farming. I don’t think you have 7,000 acres as you indicated…Check to see your Net Mineral Acres actually owned by you…There is new activity throughout the area and it is hot for being a big play…You will see lots of wells over the next couple of years…good luck

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, same for Gary. I really do appreciate all the help I can get. Tom how does one check the Net Mineral Acres that you mentioned? We have two leases currently. One in Section 6, 7 North, 63 W, 6th PM for 156.28 gross acres with a 1.041% interest and one in Section 2, 7 North, 64W, 6th PM for 320.73 acres with a 2.083% interest. These two sections are seperated by section 1, in 7 N, 64W, however the acerage I mentioned was (may not be now?) origionaly part of my wifes Uncle's ranch which had 12 sections deeded before he sold it way back when. Now it's been a long time ago and I am a long way away in Ca., so checking up close and personnal is not an option for me. I'll poke around the Weld County forum as you suggested. I finally got into the COGCC data base that Mike gave me and what I found is interesting for sure.

The name of the ranch owned by my wife's Uncle was Coal Creek Ranch. Twelve sections deeded and 2000 acres leased but I don't know where those misc acres are located...

Many thanks guys, as mentioned, I really appreciate the help.


Thomas Mullins said:

Hi Bob...you might want to plunder through our Weld County Minerals forum on this web site......lots of info there......Nothing much to see at the site of your mineral leases, just range land and dry farming. I don't think you have 7,000 acres as you indicated.....Check to see your Net Mineral Acres actually owned by you.....There is new activity throughout the area and it is hot for being a big play....You will see lots of wells over the next couple of years.....good luck

Bob…your net mineral acres is the diluted share you own of the original acres of the mineral lease. It looks like you have nearly 3 net mineral acres total. All of the original mineral acres have been diluted through succession of inheritance.

Hello Tom. I think (pretty sure) I did not accurately describe the land. From what I have in hand, the net acres are about 8.4, pretty small from what I have been told. I think I listed the % correctly but that didn't refelect the "Net Acres". (1.627916 net acres in section 6... & 6.681876 net acres in section 2) How all this is figured out is beyond me,.. According to the lease papers. I plundered through all 18 pages of the Weld County fourm and came away with lots of information. My learning curve is steep but learning more every day.

Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction.


I went to the COGCC site as sugested and had a look at the Township and Section maps, specificially for T7N, R64W, 6 P.M., Section 2 and found four wells...two of which are apparently plugged. Anderson 24-2 & Anderson 22-2. These names are found on lease documents we have. There are two other wells in the West 1/2 of Section 2, McKAY ab-02-13 & McKay AB-02-14. Our lease papers suggest that our minerial interest in Section 2 is for the West 1/2, or 6.681876 acres of 320.73 Gross Acres. (2.08335% Mineral Interest)

It appears that there may be some activity going on in the West 1/2 of Section 2.

How does one corraliate the names and numbers with companies on the ground? TIA....



There is a lot of activity in parts of Weld, Morgan, and Adams county Colorado. I know because my family and I have leased a good number of acres in Weld and Morgan counties. We ended up having to take different dollar amounts for bonus money for some parts of our minerals, because the interest was not as high in some areas relative to others. We have also leased in Wyoming area to the north. We took our time and ended up leasing with a broker that eventually got us the best deal with two of the major companies in the area. We fortunately were referred to a land-man that actually negotiated a better lease, and bonus than the O/G lawyer we spent a fortune on. We’re just glad it’s finally over and can now relax and wait on the big bucks. Based on our research some of the test wells are good and some are coming in not so good. They are trying to figure out the boundary lines of the play and how best to drill the formation. A test well can make you are brake you on the leasing end of things, so I decided to lease while the speculation is high. Here is the gentelmans email (bb.Trrllc@yahoo.com) that was referred to us from a friend in Texas. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Good Luck!!