Mineral Rights in weld co. Colorado

Hello I’m interested in finding out more information about the Mineral Rights my family owns. The land is in Weld CO. It was being leased by a company called Kerr McGee but that lease expired. I’m new to all this so im trying to put a value on what we own. Where would I start ?

Township 1N, range 63W, 6th P.M. , section: 11 SE

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Start here: COGCC GISOnline (state.co.us)

It is the Public GIS Map. The property is about 6 miles from the nearest permits / production so development is likely many years away. You may be able to get a couple thousand/acre to lease. Not going to get much more than for the minerals at this time.

Your 1st stop is COGCC and see what your propert is near. As mentioned above…not much at this time. I’d hold and wait….but realize it could be decades.

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