Mineral rights in Texas and Stipulation of Ownership Agreement


My sisters and I inherited Mineral Rights in Texas. The person we inherited from lived and died in California. During a legal Mediation the interests were split with different percentages and different land areas. I have filed the mediation agreement in Texas. I have written a Stipluation of Ownership of Interest for us to sign to clarify the mediation agreement but would like an attorney to look it over to make sure it is correct. I asked our Attorney here in WA state but he felt I'd need to check with an Attorney in Texas or California who specializes in Mineral Rights.

Question: Since the Mineral Rights are in Texas do I have to use a Texas attorney or a Calfornia attorney since the previous owner lived and died there?

Any suggestions of who to use?

Thanks, Lynn

I don’t think it would make any difference which state you were in, except Louisiana. Describe the lands, including the Survey Name and the Abstract number. if you do not have the metes and bounds description of each tract, use a source deed reference that does. specify in the instrument the name of the owner and their undivided decimal and or fractional interest and have each of those parties execute the stipulation in front of a Notary Public and include a Notary Acknowledgement for each signer.


Without words of cross conveyance, you might end up with a document that has no effect.

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