Mineral rights in shelby county, texas

My sister and I inherited this land lease royalty. in Shelby County,Texas. The info we have is : Oil.Gas and Mineral Lease covering undivided Mineral Interest in 52.5 acres. H.L. Wiggins Survey ; A-763 Shelby County,Texas. Question: In order to make a decision if I should sell or keep this inhertance, I would llike to know the value. i am paying taxes. Is there any other information, that is needed? Walter Woodridge

Walter there are numerous horizontal producing gas wells in the area, those wells are producing from the Haynesville shale and Huxley formations. Some of these wells have been producing for 15-20 years and are still producing. Some of the major producers in this area are Aethon Energy Operating, SM Energy, XTO(a division of Exxon), Hunt Petroleum Co., and Phillips Petroleum Co. I have no idea what these minerals are worth but before you sell do your homework. If you are in need of money sell a percentage and keep some of the minerals for yourself.

GIS Map of Shelby County A-763 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

My husband inherited mineral interests in Shelby and San Augustine county. We have been contacted by several companies with offers to purchase. There is a lease agreement in place currently and Aethon is the drilling company. I see there are a number of drilling permits already in place. How do I find if the permits include our land area? We have A-947 Shelby County and A-540 in San Augustine county.

Dana there have been 2 wells spud(begin drilling)in A-947 by Aethon Energy/well 419-31802 spud on November 30, 2018/well 419-31803 spud on November 09, 2018.



GIS Map of Shelby County A-947:


Clint Liles

Danna at this time I see no permitted locations in the surrounding area of A-540 of San Augustine County.

GIS Map of San Augustine County A-540 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Clint, Thank you so much for your help. I was able to find a great deal of information after your previous response. I am curious if you can tell me of any activity in San Augustine county for Easter Wise Survey, A-315.

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Walter Good morning!! I think we are in the same boat or at least I think I can see yours from where I am. I have the same type of issue as you. I have 169.8 acres in the Andrew McFaddin Surevey Abstract A-423 in Panola CO and A-455 in Shelby Co. Might you have an insight on how I can obtain any info on these rights?

I am still trying to get information as to whether to keep or sell. I am paying taxes on the amount I received. Let me know if you are successful. Thanks