Mineral rights in reeves county

I currently have the mineral rights in section 13 of the D W Wasburn survey. I have had several companies offer large amounts for these minerals. Does anyone know if they are drilling or have drilled in this area? I am just trying to figure out what the fair value of theses minerals.

It appears your interest is in the North 281 acres of Section 13. There are two horizontal wells in the southern half of Section 13 that are operated by MDC, but so far no wells on your tract. Your lease is now owned by EXL Petroleum, a company that is active in the area, and arguably drills better wells than MDC. It is difficult to put a definitive price on what minerals are worth, but yours are in a good/active area. You could try reaching out to the forum sponsors to see what prices they're seeing in your area, but I would be hesitant to sell.


Best of luck!

explain forum sponsors please. I am new to this

Forum sponsors are companies that advertise on the forum. The list includes attorneys, landmen, mineral buyers, consultants, etc... The link I posted is for the consultants category.