Mineral Rights in Reeves County from Grandmother in 1924

I know other people have mentioned similar issues but this came out of the blue for myself and my cousins. Apparently our grandmother who died in 1937 bought some mineral rights in Reeves county in 1927. We were all approached last week by a company that wants to buy these mineral rights for a total of $24k. While we first assumed that this was a scam we now believe it is real but undervalued. We don’t know where to start to value this or how to handle it. The company that made the offer put an expiration date of next week on the offer but when I talked to them it sounded like they could be flexible on that as well as of the price. Although my cousins and I haven’t talked to each other in a while we are all communicating on this and have at this time agreed (after reading this forum) that doing nothing at this time is the best thing. However, we need to know what to do next. The paperwork they sent us delineates the property in question but that is all we have. We have not seen a deed or anything else other than this paperwork. Therefore if anyone could direct us we would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

You can go online to an online courthouse and find you grandmothers name to figure out the deed that they clearly found. Where is the property located in Reeves? (i.e. Section, Block, Township, and abstract if you have it. I can show you a map on DI of the property.)

Is it Patch Energy? They do that kind of work.

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