Mineral Rights in Reagan County

Does anyone know what producing minerals are selling for per NMA or NRA in north-central Reagan County?

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Even within the same section, the value of separate tracts within the section could differ substantially based on what wells have/have not been drilled, permit activity, etc. You can’t really ballpark an area of the County since there are so many variables. If you have a particular Section/Block/Township in mind, please feel free to post it and I’m sure you will get several opinions.

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Agreed. Sec 13 1/2, Block A, GC&SF RR Co, A-188.

You’ve stated they are producing… if you actually want an answer that means anything, you’ll need to state accurately how much you interest is producing, and how many net mineral acres you own.

$5.46/month. 1.77777778 nma

Hi Rich - BLK A, Sect. 13 - Is your operator Endeavor Energy Resources? I will tell you, I just had a client who had 10 nma and was further west near the county line and we received $9k/nma. They weren’t making a lot per month either and there was no time line to development. For your acreage being closer the center of the county, better rock, I would say you could get more in the $10-15k/nma range and maybe slightly more.

Do you know what royalty you have in your lease? I’m assuming your at 1/8 if it is Endeavor as your operator.

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