Mineral Rights in Pecos County


We were approached by a Texas land Man (says he is) about 10 acres of mineral rights we inherited…many years ago. The land in question:

10 net undivided mineral acres as described in Tracts 1, 4, 13 and E 1/2 of Tract 2, Section 10; Tracts 59, 19 and 30 Section 11; and Tracts 3 and 14, Section 5 all Block 1 Fort Stockton Irrigated Land Company Lands, Pecos county, Texas.

Now then…for the “man in the street”…this is indeed arcane…would like to have an idea if this topic is worth pursuing… or simply an interesting conversation piece over a weekend beer.

Many thanks,

Ted Miller

It might be worth thousands of dollars per acre. Do you have any other description information which could help pinpoint the location such as abstract numbers ? Permitted and producing oil wells are shown on the TX RRC’s map viewer: http://wwwgisp.rrc.texas.gov/GISViewer2/