Mineral Rights in Payne County OK

Hi Everyone, My sisters and I were just notified that we have some mineral rights in Payne County, OK. We all live in Seattle, WA and have no idea what to do. Could anyone give us a clue on what to do? We get these letters in the mail asking to buy our Mineral Rights, but also I have been looking online and it seems Leasing them is also an option. Do we wait till a company wants to drill or what do we do? Any help would be appreciated.


You would certainly have the option to sell your mineral interest, or if they are not being held by production or

not currently leased have the option to lease them. It would probably be prudent to have someone go to the

Court House and pull the books and determine the amount of acreage your family owns, if you can provide the

legal description.

What price per acre are they offering? Do you not have any leased or producing? These people found you for a reason, what section, township and range are your minerals in as it sounds like your being pooled or something.


We are an oil and gas consulting firm located in OKC. Give us a call as we may be able to help educate you on this issue. There is no charge to you at all! 405.286.4199


We never got any reply from you, did you decide you didn't want any help?

J. Craig,

why don't you "educate" us all!

Get on the kellpro website , okcountyrecords.com to start with, see what leasing is going on in the area . I believe Devon, highmount, territory, sm energy are all leasing in there now. I believe they are leasing for 250-500 per nma , make sure to get a 3/16th with that much activity and a 3yr or a 3+2 yr term.....and only sell if you found better minerals cheaper.