Mineral Rights in North Dakota

We have property and minerl right's in monteral county and stanely N.D. Im not sure what's going on

with the propery it was my moms and she passed away last year. Her and my 2 aunts have a 160 acers in monteral county they each have there own sections on the property.I know the lease expires this year. I have no ideal what going on with the property. My mom had allways let her sister take care of it. Beouse they live there in N.D. My aunt wont realy tell us anything about the property

i havent talk to them or seen them in 36 years. My sister has talk to her but she won't tell her anything. She said that we cant sell the propery unless it someone in the family. She said the land isnt realy worth any thing and that her son would buy it from us for like 10,000.00 dollars for are share of the 160 acers in montrel county and the the 30 acers in stanely. I beleve we own the surfes and mineril rights in monteral county. My sister says we only own the minerial rights in stanely. She has a paper saying that she get's 1/7 of the royalties on the property in stanely. They had just got the propery last year in stanely. My aunt had to take some cuzens to court for the poropery in stanely becouse she found paper's that stated that when the uncle died that the property was to go to my mom and her 2 sister's. So i not sure whats going on with the property whether there exstracking minerials off the property or oil or gas.I don't real trust aunt and don't real care to talk to her becouse they did'nt even care when my mom passed away. So how would i find out whats going on with the property.

You may need an attorney to help sort this out and find out what is going on, or perhaps the executor/personal rep for your mom’s estate could do it. Mountrail County is a hot spot right now for minerals so be careful of selling anything. $50-60/acre sounds like a steal to me. If you have a legal description that gives the location (Township, Range, Section), you can look at the NDIC website and find out if there has been any drilling or existing oil wells in that area. Just so you know, the town of Stanley is within the county of Mountrail.

If you need help I could help you with everything you may need as I have a lot of experience in dealing with estates, minerals and pricing, surface and pricing in North Dakota. Let me know if you need help. Tim Metz My email address is: tm59707@classicnet.net or you can call me 580-227-2456

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