Mineral rights in Morton County, North Dakota

My mother, sister and I have inherited mineral rights and I'd like to find out if any activity is going on in this area of the country and what the rights might worth currently. We own 480 acres in Morton County, Township 139, Range 84, Section 19 NE 1/4 and Section 20 W 1/2. Any information you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you.

Hello Lisa, I took a look and I see no oil and gas development near you. I didn't expect I would see any that far East. That doesn't mean you don't have valuable minerals, just that you likely don't have oil and gas.

I appreciate your response. I'd love to find out the value of the mineral rights there. Would you happen to know where I should start to try and find out?

Sorry to say I can't advise you on how you could find out what other valuable minerals you may have. There was a test well a few miles from your legal description but it won't tell whether they encountered potash. A physical inspection would probably be necessary to determine if you have scoria or gravel in commercially producible quantities.

Thank you. I appreciate your input.

Hi Lisa,

I don't see Morton County in the North Dakota Group Forum, maybe you could start a thread there for this particular county to garner some comment. You might be able to get some information from the Morton County Register of Deeds on any recent activity too.

Thank you very much. I think I will start with the County Register of Deeds.