Mineral rights in Live Oak county Texas

My brother and I have mineral rights under the Choke Canyon Lake. We had it leased for 3 years w/2 year option. The did not lease it again. I don’t If it is because it is under the lake, or the BLM has something to do with it. We would like to lease it again but I can’t get anybody interested. I’m confused and need some answers. Our minerals are just East of the Calliham State Park. I think Petrohawk has a rig just So. Of us.

I was wondering if I’am doing this correctly or not I have had no response?

Tommy, it does happen sometimes that nobody near you has any pertinent information. I would say to not give up, possibly bump up your post evry 10 days or so by posting anything you yourself could dig up. More people join every day and someone already a member may know something helpful to you but has overlooked your post.

Tommy Dunlavy said:

I was wondering if I'am doing this correctly or not I have had no response?

Thanks r w I appreciate the response. Like I said I didn’t know if I was doing this right.