Mineral rights in Grady county, Oklahoma

My uncle has Alzheimer's. A couple of years back he received an offer to lease mineral rights in Grady county, Okla. He did not respond to the offer. We are not sure if he owns rights in Grady county. Now, a company has contacted my aunt to purchase the mineral rights. And, we were told that a drilling/operating company has pooled my uncle's interest. How so we determine if my uncle owns the mineral rights? How do we determine if my uncle has money's coming to him because we were told the unit has been pooled? Regards, Larry


The money should be there and the pooled lease will be for 1/8 interest at the highest $/acre on the pooling.

The election period expires 20 days after a certified pooling return receipt is signed. If not answered, the lowest 1/8 is assigned.