Mineral Rights in general

My brothers and I inherited mineral rights in Blaine County Oklahoma and Montuque County Texas. None with wells obviously. THINKING about selling after first of year. What are you thoughts? Keep or sell.

There isn’t a particular right answer. Do you want the money or need the money? Do you want to put up with the issue of nonproducing minerals? Will your children look after these, or will they ignore the interests? do you have a better need for the money, such as an investment account, medical bills, etc. The issue of selling differs from family to family.


You would also want to know if you have wells producing with royalties or about to be drilled as that would add value that you might want to keep or sell (but get a better price for). If you post the section, township and range for the Blaine acreage in the Blaine county category, folks will help you with the activity. Also post the Texas abstract in that county and someone may reply. If there are no wells now, there may be pending activity. All depends upon the geology.