Mineral rights in Douglas county

I am new to this and I’m looking for the best way to find my mineral rights on a plat map.

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I like to use Google Earth and EarthPoint (I included the link) to see a general picture on what type of land the mineral rights are located. For example you can see a river or houses. If you want a more specific type of plat, you will need to post what state you are looking at.


Douglas county colorado here.

Quarter: NE; Section: 2; Township: 8; Range: 68

1/5 OF 1/2 MIN INT IN: ALL 2-8-68, E1/2 3-8-68, MOST NE1/4, S1/2, N1/2NW1/4, SE1/4SW1/4 10-8-68, W1/2, MOST E1/2 11-8-68, SW1/4SW1/4 12-8-68, NW1/4NW1/4, W1/2NE1/4NW1/4 14-8-68, NW1/4, N1/2NE1/4 15-8-68

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