Mineral rights in Converse County WY

Hi, all --Springfield Oil has given me an offer for some mineral rights that apparently I’ve inherited from my great-grandmother. The mineral interest in question is at

Township 35 North, Range 71 West, 6th p.m.

I’ve looked at the WOGCC maps and can’t make head or tails of it. How do I find out what’s a good offer? Does anyone know whether there are wells/fracking on that land now? I appreciate any help!


There is definitely some activity in 35N 71W, If you know what Section(s) your minerals are in. I can give you a more specific answer.

Sorry – forgot that! Section 18: W2SE4 Section 19: Lots 2, E2NW4, W2NE4

The attached map shows your minerals in yellow. They are located just outside the old Scott Field, which produced a lot of oil through vertical wells into the Parkman Sandstone, but is all but finished now. It appears that you missed out on that, but just barely. 35N 71W.pdf (78.7 KB)

As for modern activity, you can see the horizontal wells that have been drilled in the area. Most of these were drilled by Chesapeake in 2011 and 2012 into the Niobrara Shale, and most of them were uneconomic, meaning they didn’t make enough oil and gas to pay for the cost of drilling them.

Chesapeake and Anschutz Oil have recently permitted a lot of wells in and around your minerals and my be moving forward toward drilling some of them. I believe they are targeting different geologic formations as well as making another attempt at the Niobrara.

If you don’t need the money right now, I would hold onto them and see what develops.

There are Turner wells being drilled in the area that are reported to be very good oil producers so if possible I would recommend holding on to your acreage. Multiple companies are sending out offers to buy weekly for this area. You might go to the WOGCC website and click the data tab then then 9 section area and put in your legal description. That should give you info on nearby wells

Just looked at the WOGCC site and Anschutz has numerous wells permitted in sec 18 and Chesapeake has permits in Sec. 19. Anschutz has spudded 2 wells going north of sec 18.

Thank you, Steve! This is extremely helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to find and attach a map.

Thank you, Fred! This is great info – I appreciate that you took the time!

Hi Stacey , I am pretty sure we are cousins.

Jumping on this post, I have mineral rights in section 28 and have just had an under $10,000 offer on a low producing well. Thoughts? I know everyone says don’t sell, but a bird in the hand and all…

Stacey and I are related (she’s my niece). Anschutz, via Springfield Oil has approached the 3 of us (my 2 nieces and myself) who own the oil & mineral rights. They want us to sell. I would appreciate any help/insight you could give us. As Stacey stated, the location is:

Township 35 North, Range 71 West, 6th P.M. Section 18: W2SE4 Section 19: Lots 2, 2, E2NW4, W2NE4

Thank you, in advance.

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Stacey: I also have mineral rights in Converse Co. I worked as a geologist in the area for many years. If I were you I would hold onto your mineral rights and collect royalty checks each month once they drill on your lease! There are some very good wells being drilled offsetting your lease. Production is from the Turner formation, FWIW. If you need the money and would rather sell, I would hold out for $10k per acre. John

Me. Clausen, can you please tell me if a gathering plant wants to put an easement on our property are we to get paid for that? Monthly lease or how does that work?

If you own only the mineral rights then no, the owner of the surface deals with the easements. If you own the surface I would advise getting an attorney familiar with dealing in easements and surface rights as there are numerous ways to set these agreements up.