Mineral rights in Calgary, Alberta

I was recently informed that I/we have mineral rights to some land in Calgary, Alberta.Ihave been offered to lease our mineral rights.Here is the offer:Bonus Consideration:$899.00 CDN ($50/acre)…bonus paid within 120days…Royalty:15%(50% net minumum)…Term:3 years…Lease form:CAPL 91*…I know very little about owning/leasing mineral rights.My sister and brother and myself inherited these rights from our grandmother.I’ve just started doing some research on the internet.In the e-mail this(SE 19-37-27 W4M(Undivided 1/9 interest…m102430-67b) info was listed under the heading of subject.Standard Land Company is who contacted us…My grandmother had rights to approx. 17 acres…Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated…Thanks