Mineral Rights in Buttonwillow, CA estimate of value

I need to get an estimate of the value of mineral rights. The blm said I have to have a geological study done. Anyone know how to get that done without paying?

I need to get an estimate of the value of mineral rights in Yucca Valley, CA so if you do get any information pelase let me know.

A land man can write a estamate of value that will satisfy the IRS you should offer to pay something around $200 or so for their time however they may charge more depending on what and were your mineral rights are. Free geological surveys, good luck with that. You may luck out and find a oil and gas field report that will satisfy the BLM or reports can be purchased form the California department of geological surveys, they are the ones that make the Topo maps and oil and gas is not covered in these surveys as I recall but I could be wrong so just do more research find out what field your mineral rights are located and google that. I have some maps packed away but I may be able to help with Kern county oil and gas when I get moved and in packed

Depending upon what you need the appraisal for there are options, but none that I am aware of that are free. If you need an appraisal of the value of the asset to transfer title, then a probate referee can do this. If you need an appraisal of producing mineral interests for sale value then a petroleum engineer is the best way to obtain an accurate appraisal, but this is expensive. The petroleum engineer would have the information necessary to appraise the value of the reserves, which is why BLM said that a geological study needs to be conducted. This is not necessary, however, in most cases.