Mineral rights in brazil


I`ve been working with Mineral Rights Management in Brazil since 2005 and i was wondering ifanyone needs assistance with any issues considering brazilian mineral rights.

Thank you very much…

Felipe Allegretti

Hello, Felipe,

I was under the impression that Brazil did not have private ownership of minerals. Incidentally, my brother and sister -in-law and nephews live in Belo Horizonte.

I too am interested in understanding more about mineral rights in Brazil.


Anyone can request mineral rights in Brazil, a company or an individual. But there are some rules to be followed, like reporting to the DNPM (Brazilian National Mining Department) and paying some taxes. All the taxes must be paied to the DNPM and this is the government department that takes care of all kinds of mineral rights requests.

If you have interest on obtaining detailed info about any exploration area in Brazil maybe i can help you with that.

Just ask me and i`ll try to help you as soon as possible.



I was wondering what steps I will have to take to get mineral rights to a property.

A good friend of mine and I found several thousand tons of crystal quartz and possibly granite on his property in Brazil. He would like to harvest it and make a buisness out of it. I would like as much detailed information as you can provide about this. Also restrictions as well. Thank you

Stewart Sullivan stewps@hotmail.com

Hello to all,

If you have interest on learning more about Mineral Rights in Brazil you can visit my web page. Unfortunately its only in portuguese but ill translate it to english as soon as possible.