Mineral rights im leasing

If anyone knows, my grandpa and me own mineral and oil rights the broomfield tax bill came in his name and mine. So I just found out he passed a long time ago, There is 160 acres, my owning half, but i don’t know how many or who own the other acres, was my grandpa one of them? His wife has passed, his daughter has passed, so would i be next for assets, and how do I get rights in just my name, and he has minerals in Cheyenne and Texas, so I dont have money to figure this all out, my main question is Im selling my portion of the 80 acres but what if I owned part of his also, I could include his with mine when I sell. If anyone has any thoughts thanks

I think we need more information than what is in the question. Beginning questions, and probably not all are:

  1. Is this property in Texas?
  2. Have you been paying the taxes.
  3. How many children did your grandfather have?