Mineral rights Howard ct. Tx. Sec.2 Block 32T2N

Rich man Poor man, reminds me of the series in the 70s. What’s the deal with me on section 2 block 32T2N? Danny Joe Bussey. Can anybody help me out there?

What is the problem? If you have mineral rights in that section, you should have a lease with either or both Sabalo (SW half) or Legacy (SE half). Of course, Legacy just declared a Chapter 11 restructuring but it’s not supposed to stop production or payments.

The problem is no one from Sabalo or anyone else will get back to me. I’ve sent out emails. All I’ve gotten back are will check into it and get back to you. Empty promises. I need help. I’m a complete novice at this. Thanks for listening.

Is Sabalo or Legacy the payors or the pumpers?? It’s possible that there is ko check because the wells may have been plugged. Do you know anyone with a lease in that section? Check the leases from the ones filed at the courthouse.

Sabalo is simply inept at organization and bookkeeping. Send an email noting you are hiring an attorney or simply get an attorney to send them an email or letter with proof of your mineral deed and should you not hear back immediately, you will take legal action. They have one well that has been producing since last February and three more that began paying about two months ago. Of course, it could be an honest title mistake but doubtful if you have the deed and it is in your name. If you inherited this, the deed change should have been registered in your name. Good luck.

Thanks Jennifer I just completed that task. Sabalo is supposed to get back to me in ,48hours. Much appreciated. Have a good one.

Thanks for the tip Becky. I’ll get right on that. You have a wonderful day as well.

Section 2 Block 32T2N A-1734 and A-1093. My sisters have gotten checks. Not enough mind you. But the facts are I haven’t seen a dime. Where’s all the money in suspense. Why haven’t I heard a word from inept Sabalo Oil. What’s going on. Where’s my money. I’m being ripped off. Can’t someone please help me. Im in desperate need of a friend or comrade. Thanks to you all.

Were your sisters specifically in the will to inherit mineral rights and you were not? Then they inherit but you did not. If the mineral rights were not mentioned in the will then you are an heir too. Hire an oil and gas attorney and gather any/all info to prove you are an heir. I had to do this very thing about 3 years ago. My cousin told the oil company that she was a sole heir as my aunt left her everything in her will. However, it came to our attention that in Texas mineral rights must be specified as such in a will if not, then we share in the mineral rights. I hired an oil and gas attorney…but I had all of my documentation of my relationship so he had as much as possible from the start. Take a breath and get a lawyer.

The will stated all siblings.

Did it specify mineral rights? If so, then you are an heir. Hire an oil and gas attorney.

Thanks so much. I’m in the process. Have a good one.