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*I"m from zanesville ohio . My grandfather move here from WV in 1928. He had 7 children which have all passed. He had 22 .663 acres in the Center DIstrict of Wetzel County. I am a grandson of one of them. I received paperwork from EQT offering $250 and 15% of something. I don"t understand any of it. Any help would be appreciated. Should I get legal help ? Would it pay me to do that? Thanks so much Kenneth Winland

Moved this over to Wetzel County for you. Some good folks on that state forum can guide you.

Read all you can on this site, Wetzel county, Tyler, Ritchie and Doddridge. I have given some lawyer recommendations, and you can find good information. 15% is for the royalty on the gas and other related things they produce. It is not bad, but ask for more. A good attorney can get you better terms.

Hi Ken, who was your grandfather? My mother has received the same paperwork on the same parcel.

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I reseached this quite a bit about four months ago . It was fresh in my mind then but can"t remember to much now

Hi Nancy - new to this site and topic. You said in your post that you could provide Attorney recommendations for Wetzel County, WV. May I ask you for those names / contacts?

Thank you!

You will want to get legal help. There is alot that needs to come out of that lease.