Mineral Rights - Grady County, Oklahoma

We own 2 acres of mineral rights in Grady County, Oklahoma 8-6N-5W. I'm wondering what a reasonable price might be to sell these rights. We've had some preliminary offers. Thanks

Is it leased?


also has a new producing well that is generating roughly $140/month income to us

How much per month are you getting from the other two wells, the Carr and Beutler? You need to make sure that the offers you have received were before your new well paid out first production or after. Also, I would need to know your royalty burden for me to tell you what I would offer.

The other wells produce roughly$30-$50 per month. The offer was before we received our first payout. We received the offer at the beginning of Oct however the well started producing inMay. The first check was received 10/28 however it covered production from May through September. So the offerer may well have known about the production in making his offer

I don’t know what you mean by royalty burden. We have no out of pocket costs


A lessor does not have a royalty burden. A operator has a royalty burden meaning they have to pay a royalty to a lessor. I think you mean just what their lease royalty is.

He means what is the royalty on your lease. The operator of the well has a royalty burden. You just have a lease royalty. A mineral buyer needs to know what your lease royalty is to present an offer.

Cameron, I think Chris meant charges/deductions/NPRI that may be a burden on the royalty because as you stated, the operator/lessee has a royalty burden.