Mineral rights from land, question of ownership


i have a feeling that the mineral rights records for my property may be not so hard to find since the house on it was built within the last twenty years and it has had many owners. is it possible to find this in the county clerk’s office (I am in midland county, tx). I know people can use a landsman/woman to find the rights but i figure may be this particular case is quite simple


You’re right that the answer could be in the deed records recorded in the county clerk’s office. But finding it may not be simple.

If the piece of land you are talking about came out of a larger piece, itself possibly divided and conveyed multiple times, each of those changes in ownership could potentially have involved reservation of mineral interest. Determining the current mineral ownership may require tracing of the chain of title to multiple tracts, step by step, back to the deed were the original parent tract was conveyed by the State, and at each step determining whether any changes in mineral ownership took place. It wouldn’t be unusual for the title chain to also involve probate of estates, heirship questions or interpretation of boundary surveys. Have a good pair of glasses.

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