Mineral Rights Forum County Groups?

What happened to the various county groups? Did the Mineral Rights Forum system crash and all the older posts have been lost?

In other words do we need to "join" again on each county/group of interest? Or, is this a temporary glitch which will be recovered?

We did have an issue today where 8-9 county groups were impacted. It was a human error made by an intern who was adding descriptions to each county group. It was inadvertent and an honest mistake.

4-5 counties between North Dakota and Montana, as well as 2-3 counties in Texas were effected. We have contacted the forum service provider and should have them restored in the next couple of days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to make sure nothing was lost.

Please contact me directly if you have specific questions.


Reagan Dukes

MRF Administrator

MRF Friends,

Our forum service provider has notified us they are not going to restore the groups that were deleted earlier in the week. As mentioned, this was an honest mistake made by an intern who was helping make minor changes to each group. In all, 12 groups were impacted and have been recreated. If you were a member of the following groups, you will need to re-join.

The groups impacted were: Union Parish, LA; Richland County, MT; Roosevelt County, MT; Burke County, ND; Dunn County, ND; Golden Valley County, ND; Grant County, ND; Sheridan County, ND; Slope County, ND; Karnes County, TX; Robertson County, TX; Webb County, TX.

I will make a note in each group and ask for help in kicking off the discussion.

We can't apologize enough for the mistake and have since taken appropriate measures to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. We're working hard to maintain a high level of quality in the forums and we appreciate your participation.

We hear stories frequently that describe how someone was able to make a better decision by sharing and participating in the forum. We hope all of you find this to be a great place.


Reagan Dukes

MRF Admin

Mr. Dukes,

Accidents happen. The Forum is a nice site and I suspect many people find it helpful. Thank you for the update. I'll simply rejoin my affected counties.