Mineral rights for sale in Pecos county

After much thought, I have decided to sell a portion of my ranch with minerals. The land consist of the north 320 acres of section 20, block 5, TCRR Survey. It is located ten miles north east of Fort Stockton, Texas, Pecos County. The land is surrounded on three sides by the San Pedro Ranch. The land is not leased and is mineral classified land. The abstract is # 7098. Your interested is appreciated-, Hayes Parker -hayespa@swbell.net.

Mr. Parker, What is the level of interest in leasing your land and what do you expect to get for your minerals?

I see no real activity near you although there is one plugged gas well to the East about a mile.

There is also one well several miles to the west that over its life has produced 50K or so bbls.

Doug Archer

Mr. Archer, if you will look at your map, you will see the Cunnuing Wolfe field about four miles to the south. This field has some good wells. Most of the land surrounding my property has been leased to Exxon and to Apache until the recent oil price decline. The Property is surrounded on three sides by the San Pedro Ranch and a contract is pending on sale of part of the minerals. The asking price per acre is $1200. Surface wise there is abundant water,caliche etc. Thanks for your interest. Hayes Parker