Mineral Rights Expiring?

Is it true than North Dakota mineral rights expire after a certain number of years if they go unleased? I had some mineral rights transferred to me in 1998. What do I need to do?



In North Dakota one must file paperwork at the county seat that the minerals are located every 20 years. There must be either production or a Statement of Claim of Mineral Rights filed at the courthouse. You need to check on your State/ County requirements first to safeguard the mineral right to make sure someone doesn't grab them as "abandoned".

I added a copy of the document for your use.


841-Statementofclaim.pdf (11.5 KB)

Thanks Steve. That was a big help. I thought it was 20 years but recently heard it was 15 years.

To expand on what has been said, it is more pertinent to show "use" by recording of a lease, recordings regarding a mortgage or a statement of claim. If you had a lease within the last 20 years, you should have been covered.

I have noticed that the courts are not looking very hard to determine that proper procedure was followed when someone is trying to succeed to mineral rights under their surface.