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I am new to this forum and the concept of mineral rights in OK in general. I have real estate experience and understand RE strategies and how to find value in RE. My question is, how do mineral rights work? lease? How do you maximize the value of your mineral rights? Is there a strategy document I can study to understand this business better?


As a starting point you might go to the top of this page and click the heading called “Mineral Help”. There are general articles there on mineral rights and leasing that should help. After that come back with more specific questions.

Mineral rights are very similar to surface real estate, just upside down. Just like real estate, the key is location, location, location. The most valuable mineral rights are where there are good reservoirs with the right parameters for successful production. The geology has to be right and there has to be enough pressure (either natural or artificial) to get the hydrocarbons out of the ground. And being close to transportation is also helpful.

The forum has a good link above as mentioned by Dusty1. Start there. Also go the oil and gas commission website for your state to see what resources are there. Some excellent books have been recommended on the forum. You can find them on the www.naro-us.org website, public websites and others are privately published.

Use the magnifying glass above and type in “books” or “recommended reading” and you will find quite a few links on the forum.


Thank you, I will start there.

Welcome to the group. Unlike leasing of surface interests, it is difficult to attract anybody interested offering an oil and gas lease. If there is interest the landmen and oil and gas companies will find you. Also, an oil and gas lease is entirely different from a residential or commercial lease.

Did you recently inherit the minerals or are you looking to invest? The two scenarios would have different strategies.

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