Mineral Rights Compensation

I am a mineral owner in Garvin County. Are any of you seeing an increase in your monthly compensation leased areas?

Dana- what do you mean by compensation? Increase in revenue from royalties or lease bonus money?

Increase in Revenue.

Maybe a little increase, but nothing too drastic.

You payments will be based upon the volume of hydrocarbons produced, your decimal interest and the price of oil and gas contracts that your operator has with the carriers. Wells naturally decline in volume over time. Your decimal should stay the same. The price will change according to the market.

Hi Dana- my guesstimate is there is an increase in revenue strictly from the natural gas prices in February due to the “freeze “. Expect a drop in next months revenue compared to the checks this month.

Thanks Todd! You answered my question.

I just did and it was 3x the normal. Nice surprise

Yippee!!! That’s great news!

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