Mineral-Rights.com --- Anyone have experience with them?

We have been dealing with Mineral-Rights.com and are very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism that has been shown to us. On their web site they quote a recommendation froma Harlan C. in Caddo Parish. Does anyone know this Harlan C. or had experience with this company? They are out of California. I would like to say also that it has been very easy working with them whereas all of the other "mineral chasers" left alot to be desired.

Thanking you inadvance,


Are you just advertising for them or really wanting to find one of their other cheerleaders?


lo Joe. This is one of those cases where if everything goes thru as well as it sounds so far I will be willing to be their biggest cheerleader but I keep having this nagging in the back of my mind "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true." I will keep progress posted. I checked with the California Secretary of State and the group purchasing our mineral rights is a licensed entity and the business address given on the site is reasonably close to the physical address given me by my contact which eases my mind somewhat but I was just hoping that by chance this Harlan C. or some else who has had experience with them would be able to tell me about their personal dealings with them.


Mineral Joe said:

Are you just advertising for them or really wanting to find one of their other cheerleaders?


I guess tell us more about the process. How long did it take for them to turn around an offer? How good was the offer? How long to close and get your money?

Also, where are your minerals located? There are hot areas that some people are just in love with and will pay anything.

Caddo Parish is in Arkansas. What is Mineral Rights.com doing for you? Or have they already done it?


Gosh, Gordon. You’d think 5-6 days would be long enough for her to respond. :slight_smile:

Never heard of the website. No idea!