Mineral rights buy offer in 21-7S-2E

Anybody else get one and, if so, what do you think about taking it?

My theory is that any time someone wants to buy my minerals, they know something I do not know and they are pretty sure they will make money off of me. So, I try to find out what they know and I would never take a first offer. Probably no offer, but that is just me.

I would read ask questions on the forum, I would read up on any operators in the area and look up their quarterly presentations. Some buyers are just flippers who offer low amounts and turn around and flip for much higher amounts. Some are trying to get in on horizontal drilling that is about to happen. In your case, XTO is about to drill a horizontal well, so someone is trying to get in on the action. If it were me, I would not sell if a well was pending. Other folks might sell if the price was right. First offers are usually low just to see if someone will bite.

You should have gotten the mailings about the pending well. If not, then you can find the contact for the attorney on the OCC site under case 201808495. Let me know if you need the other case numbers. http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

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how much an acre did they offer you I have minerals in sections 8,17, 18, & 19

Horizontal was granted in Jan. You weren’t force pooled?

Property belonged to my three cousins living out west. They’re all getting up in years and saw the next step taking one of them out of the picture and the new division going to six children. They took the money and ain’t looking back. I had an ID here and my favorite one asked me to see if the offer seemed reasonable. If it had been me I would not have sold but… it wasn’t and they did.

We’re you pooled?