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I received a Division Order for Grady County 18-8N-6W. How can I find a reputable mineral rights attorney in Oklahoma since I live in Ohio? Thanks!

If you know how many acres you own and the Royalty interest it was leased at, I can help you calculate and confirm the Division order Interest. Also, if you have the Division order interest they claim and the acres you own, I can calculate the royalty interest they think you have.

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The first question to answer is “why do you think you need an attorney?” and the second thing to know is that you do not have to sign a DO in OK in order to get paid. But you do need to check the decimal.

If you are trying to get the correct decimal, it is fairly easy. The equation to calculate your DO decimal in OK is:

net mineral acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x percentage of perforations in your section.

Most horizontal wells in OK are spaced at 640 acres, even if the well is multi-section. However, section 18 is not a regular 640 acres because it is corrected for the curvature of the earth.

You can find the correct acreage on the BLM website. Select LSR and fill in the state and township and range. Pick Master Title Plat. You will see the complete township. Note that the northern tier and the western tier of sections have accommodation lots. Zoom into section 18 using the plus sign and the arrows.

Section 18 has only 621.4 acres. Occasionally you will get a 1280 spacing, but you would have to look up the sections in that case as well to correct the acres for the equation.

The splits on the well are given in the final orders from the OCC. You have two wells. Smashboi 7_18_8N-6W 2MHX and 3 MHX. They have different lengths, so they will have different percentages and decimals. Case 2022-002104 Order 738111 gives the splits for the 2MHX well.

Section 18 has 49.94%.

Case 2022-002105 Order 736001 gives the splits for the 3MXH well.

Section 18 has 50.43%.

You should know your net mineral acres, but if you do not, then contact the Division Order analyst and ask what they have for you. You should also know your royalty. If you do not, then ask them.

For example, 10 acres at 3/16ths for 3MHX would be: 10/621.4 x .1875 x .5043=.00152166

What they really want is your W-9. If can follow up with a copy of a letter in lieu of DO next.

Does this answer most of your question?

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Are you checking to see if the decimal interest is correct or for some other reason?

By, the way division orders are not mandatory in Oklahoma.

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Cody McPherson at Mahaffey & Gore in OK City, OK 405-236-0478 I have used him several years and he is really good.

Thanks, everyone! You’ve been very helpful! Happy New Year!

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