Mineral rights and property tax question

Question for the experts.

If minerals are seperated from the physical land parcel in Ohio - but the mineral owner does not establish a parcel or deed to seperate their minerals from the land owners real estate for tax purposes - does the land owner have recourse or ability to reclaim the minerals?

As the property owner - I am responsible for payment of RE tax based on the value of the parcel - including minerals - unless the mineral owner establishes a seperate deed for their interest. Of course the mineral owner is declining to do this - as it would cost for deed prep and they would owe taxes going forward.

It seems the mineral owner is getting a “free ride” at my expense. Is this correct - or are minerals treated like a right of way (ROW holder pays 1 time and any future property owner is obligated to protect the ROW agreement…of course the ROW adds no value for tax purposes).