Mineral Rights Acrearge

Hello all, this is my first post as I'm new to the group and assisting my elderly mother sell her mineral rights in Hughes County. Where would I find out the acreage that she owns in the following sections:

Section 16- 8N- 12E and Section 1-8N-11E Hughes County, OK

In addition I have several offers from $2500- $3000 per net acre, What are the going rates per acre? Are these fair offers?



That seems to be fair from what I am learning

Hi Bruce,

We had a recent offer for $2500 per NMA in Atoka County Section 15-2N-12E which is near the Hughes County line. It is far greater than the last offer a year or so ago.


Thanks guys, great being part of the group feel better informed and a bit empowered.


I was offered $4500/acre recently (unsolicited in the mail) for my minerals in 7N-11E township. Probably due to the fact that they just drilled three wells in "my" section last year that aren't doing too bad. Good part of the county too, and is adjacent to your 8N-11E Township. The $4500/acre offer was a bit unusual as most offers I get in Hughes County are for between $2000 and $2500/acre. Perhaps this one was more of a "fishing expedition" than a legitimate offer. I'll never know for sure because I elected not to take them up on it anyway.

Mick - I would say that the 3 drilled wells enabled the buyer to offer you a more aggressive bid than what you previously received. One of the largest challenges a buyer of mineral interests face is the uncertainty of timing (assuming they can analyze the geology, etc).

As it relates to Bruce's original question, Bruce

There is a good deal of activity in your area. You lie slightly north west of the historic focus in the Arkoma Basin, However, several companies are looking at applying more modern/advanced completion designs in the overall Arkoma basin. While you are outside of the historic play, and therefore more 'exploratory' you have a number of items in your favor that should help support values for your acreage. In 2015 and again 2016, Bravo Arkoma drilled nice wells in section 14 (about 2 miles to your south west). And Bravo drilled another nice well in section 15 2016.

Calyx has two wells permitted due north of you - top holes in 9N11E S36 with bottom holes in S25 & S26. The results from those wells will have an impact on your acreage value (either positive or negative). I think the biggest challenge you will face as far as downward pressure on acreage value is the uncertainty of timing to development.

All in with nearby successful wells, and the overall land rush, your acreage should see an uptick in interest and value.

If you want to dig deeper - please give me a shout, always happy to help.



See my post elsewhere for recent sales in the county.