Mineral rights 1976

1976 inherited mineral rights in Murray county Oklahoma upon fathers passing in 75. Under homestead area only retained by my grandfather David Louis stackhouse when he sold, believe 1920s. In school but drove up and took a look and there appeared to be several active wells not too far from the house.

Have absolutely no idea what I did with the documents. Recently retired with limited means in San Antonio Texas. Trying to identify property. Best idea currently is oil well or tax revenue from 1976 to try to narrow search which I’m afraid may be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but knowing there were oil wells appears to narrow search.

Any suggestions.

Start with www.okcountyrecords.com and use the advanced search option. It is free to look and only a few dollars to print documents. The digital files only go back so far, so try grandfather’s name, father’s name, or your name to see what shows up.

Also try searching the Unclaimed Funds in each state where you lived to see if any royalties have been turned over to the state.

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