Mineral right worth

Have mineral rights to about 60 acres in southern Illinois. How do I go about seeing what they are worth. At one time there was an oil well Thanks Michelle

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I’m new to this site. We hold the mineral rights to 40 acres in Southern Illinois, but have not gotten any responses to my inquiries as to whether or not there is any interest or activity in So. Illinois. I hope someone reaches out to you with the information you seek.

Illinois has little oil and gas activity going on at present. Please be patient and hopefully you’ll receive some input on your inquiry. Add as much detail as you can. That always helps.

Ok. My dad has said there is coal there but I believe the oil well has dried up. He was hoping the would come through with the fracking but they haven’t.

Whereabouts in So. Illinois is your land? Ours is in Jefferson Co., McClellan Twp. Same here…coal and 1 capped well. A landsman visited my dad 40+ years ago when they lived on the land, but the rights to the minerals still belonged to the seller’s surviving wife, who then passed away approx. 30 years ago. My dad passed away 20 years ago and my mom lives in Florida. I don’t know if a landsman could even find my mom if they wanted to.

Jefferson county field township. Not sure who owns the land but my dad bought mineral rights from my great uncle. Dad has recently passed. He said they were probably never going to be worth anything unless they start drilling again

Kenny is right. We just have to be patient. It’s not just the coal and oil. Several years ago, I checked with the USGS to see how much coal was under the 40 acres my mom’s mineral rights held. They sent the info but also told me methane gas close to the surface is also of value where it wasn’t before.

I was just curious didn’t know if they meant anything at all really