Mineral right lease

I own 26.66 acres 1 of 3 owners of 80 total acres in Hughes County OK. Township 28 7 N Range 8 E. My lease is up. Any knowledge of how things are going in this area? Mchelle Messecar

Silver Creek has been leasing in that section in 2017. Nothing pending at the OCC for the moment. Was pooling on either side in 27 & 29 in 2016, so I think your section may see some soon.

Thank you so much for your reply. I missed typed the township is actually 23. So if again you have any info I would appreciate it. Thanks again.

Silver Creek had pooled in 24 and 25 for horizontal wells. 27 pooling is catty corner to you.

Silver Creek did a lot of leasing in 23 in 2015, so those leases will be up in 2018. Given the activity in the area, you might see something by next year.

Thank you so very much you have been very helpful. Have a great day!

Could you tell me how if possible I can get a map of the different townships. This would be helpful in seeing what is going on in this area. Thanks Michelle