Mineral Right in W. Virginia

Bear with me as this might get lengthy! My siblings and I were notified about oil and mineral rights left to us by our grandfather who is deceased. For 2 months we have been back and forth and all was going well. Our Mother passed away in 1966 and a year later my Dad got married and our step Mother adopted us. So here’s the clicker. The energy company is saying that since we were adopted we have no rights. Our oldest sister was not adopted by our step mother so she is the only one entitled. How can this be? The birth certificate was changed showing the step mother and I can’t figure out how to get a copy of the original. Do we fight this? They know we are the rightful heirs but the energy company is saying differently. Thanks for reading this. Sure hope I can get some answers. Have a great day!

I would recommend contacting an attorney in West Virginia to help you answer this question, which will be dependent on West Virginia specific state laws. They could help you write a letter explaining the law to the oil and gas company to get it worked out. They could also help if a determination of heirship or probate is necessary. I can tell you in Oklahoma that adoptive children inherit from both their birth and adoptive parents, but don’t know if West Virginia would follow the same way.

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Did you grandfather or parents have wills? Or will this all be passing through intestate (without a will)? Was your grandfather on your mother or father’s side?

Sorry- this can be a bit of a process but this information may help shed some light on the big picture. Have a great weekend~

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