Mineral right held by trustee since 1997


We received a lease offer from Antero on 2 parcels in Tyler Co. One for 33 acres and the other for one 35.5 The land was owned by our great great grandfather. It was sold back in the early 1900’s but he kept the mineral rights. This was all new to us and so I started to do a bit of research. Come to find out that some other oil company has been extracting gas from one of the parcels since 1997. According to the document that I found the name under the mineral rights owner was , Morris Smith Trust,et al. I’ve been looking for this firm without success. Is there anyone that can help me find this trustee? We live in Idaho and limited on resources. We were wondering how they were able to extract gas without a lease or contacting the mineral owners heirs. If Antero found us now why couldn’t they then?


Are you in TX or WV Tyler county?


Sorry it took me so long to respond. This is in West Virginia Tyler county.


Moved the question to Tyler County, WV so maybe someone from there can help.


Oops.I thought I was posting in WV Tyler. Thanks M Barnes.