Mineral right advisors around Ritchie county WV

Does anyone know of trustworthy mineral rights advisors in the Ritchie county WV area? I live in Mississippi and I along with several other heirs, have inherited some mineral rights in WV. My family really isn’t sure what we have and whether we are getting what we should be or not. There has been a self appointed attorney in fact handling royalties until about 3 years ago and he informed us he didn’t keep records or have any recall of the last 20 years of royalties of which we haven’t been getting. Thanks for any info.

Suggest that you check into the National Association of Royalty Owners and the Appalachia chapter. They have some very knowledgeable people and may be able to direct you in the correct direction. There is a NARO category on the forum and the NARO website is www.naro-us.org. Also, post your question in the Ritchie County, WV category on the forum for a more direct look by WV folks. This is the main category and is too general.