Mineral Properties in Kay County OK. Available for Lease Oct. 20, 2013

We have the following Mineral Properties in kay County OK. that will be available for leasing as of Oct. 20, 2013 and would welcome interested parties leasing offers. Please contact me if I can provide further information.


W/2 SW/4 Section 20, Township 28 North , Range 5 East, I.M.


SE/4 Section 19 Township 28 North, Range 5 East, IM.

Kay County, OK.

We have 66.666 net acres in 19-T28N-5EIM and 8.333 net acres in 20-T28N-R5EIM.

Thank you so much,

William R. Ransone


PH. 972-907-9822

CELL 214-284-7246