Mineral Plat Maps - Where to find

Hello all, I’m working for a client who has inherited minerals and we are looking for Plat Maps {maybe that’s not the correct term}…She is wanting to locate {physically} where her minerals are. We have several in Grady County, Garvin County, McLain County. We are “newbies” to all of this so trying to learn as we go. Thanks for your help. We also have several out of state…

These should help! At least for the OK ones. If you list the other states, there are links on the Oil & Gas Commission sites for them.

Garvin County Map.pdf (409.8 KB) Grady County Map.pdf (434.4 KB) McClain County Map.pdf (343.5 KB)

Thank you so much. This is very helpful. I greatly appreciate it.

I’m still learning on how to search for sections, Township and Range…do i search by description in the county? Am i looking for map of the Well? The lingo is confusing sometimes… :}

This site works with Google Earth to fly to the description: https://www.earthpoint.us/TownshipsSearchByDescription.aspx