Mineral Ownership

I have a question about mineral ownership in Louisiana. My father purchased mineral rights through an LLC from a family member in Louisiana. First of all the family member had interest to more mineral rights than he knew, but he was not in a mineral lease for all of property that he had, only partial. Also, he was not being paid correctly because the lease he was in was paying him penny’s on the dollar and I think that’s because he did not properly transfer title to his inheritance through Succession. So he sold all rights title and interest to my father through a Mineral deed. The operator sends a division order recognizing and crediting the company with the property that was sold plus additional property that the previous leasee was entitled too. The decimal interest, well name, and well number do not match after careful examination of all the info. So the operator was contacted and they said that those numbers were in house numbers so it was nothing to worry about. I’m not so sure about that. So needless to say the division order has not been signed. My question is what must a Company do in this situation, where rights have been bought but possibly the proper title work has not been done to access money being put away in suspense? What steps should a company take in order to get proper title and ultimately access to suspended funds?


Ask the Division Order analyst at the company to give you the name and API number of the well(s) and a description of the net acres that they are carrying for that property They may have an internal property ID code and name, but it should tie back to the actual well.

Mistakes can happen, so ask them what documentation they need to clear up any misunderstanding.


Ask the operator what they require to get the LLC in complete pay status.


Thank you for that information!

LA can be challenging for many mineral owners since it has unique rules as to mineral ownership. Start at the basics that Barnes provided to you. The SONRIS website offers well information form the State. Once you get your problem specifically defined, come back to this forum for further help. Good luck.

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