Mineral ownership

Mineral ownership in Grady County section 4-7-7 does anyone know who owns this?

You might need to be a little more specific with what you are requesting to get some responses. Its 640 acres. I am sure there are lots of owners.

Records in Grady county does not say who owns minerals. You have to go to the court records to find it. When you get there you have to look up that section, township and range and each deed from the beginning and follow each transaction to each person that has bought acres in that section, township and range, to see if the minerals were passed on to the next person that bought land/acres. You can also see who is leasing or selling in that Section, which tells you who owns the minerals.

Lisa, possibly you can check with the tax assessors office to see who is paying the taxes.

Sorry but paying the taxes does not tell who owns minerals!! It just says they own the property and pay taxes to the land they own. Owning land in that section does not mean you have the minerals rights. You have to go to the court house and research all titles in that section, township and range (640 acres) dated back to the one who was granted the land in the first place to find who owns minerals rights or not.

I'm in Illinois. In Marion County (Southern). Lots of leasing on family ground there. What is going on? Surprised at the interest. Walter Univ. of Illinois ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■