Mineral Owners Rights in Oregon

My sister recieved a phone call today from a lawyer in Oregan stating his client was selling 1250 acres on this coming Tuesday. We inherited from my mom 25 acres of mineral rights a few years ago. He stated to my sister that he is overnighting her a deed for me to sign, to sign my mineral rights over to him. He said if we did not do so by Tuesday, his client would lose his sale and we would be sued for lose of sale. First of all, how can he make us… just give him our 25 acres of minerals rights. And second of all how can he not give us a couple of days to check it out and 3rd of all, how can he sue us for lose of sale, when we have no clue what is going on? I am so confussed. I do not feel any of this is right??? Help…and should they not have to buy the 25 acres of mineral rights from us and can they really force us to do so…these mineral rights have been in my family for over 50 years!!!


From what you have stated in your post, this whole matter sounds "fishy" and really doesn't make any sense if you own the minerals and they are properly recorded with the County Clerks office. Where are these minerals located? I would just ignore this for the time until actions are taken from the other side and then persue legal assistence, if neccessary, on your side. I am basing this reply on what you have said unless there is other matters in this event that was not stated.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I don't respond to threats very well. I would personally ignore the lawyer and never respond. He did not talk to you personally or send anything to you, correct? His clients issues are not your problem.

Your interest was clearly of record and if they chose to ignore your interest, that is not your fault.

Thanks guys! Yes these are recorded in Malheur County, Oregan!

Dear Bob,

I don't know whether you are open to selling your mineral rights or not. If you are it would seem to me that you are in an excellent position to get top dollar for them. My phone call, not letter to this arrogant attorney would tell him that before he threatened you, you might have taken less for your MR's, but now that the threat has been given, you will take $25,000.00 per acre to sell them. Remind him that threats are not looked kindly upon in courts and if he chooses to sue you (which he won't) you will be happy to accomodate. Record your phone call, notifying him you are doing so. He knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on. His tune will change considerably if he knows he is being recorded.

Have a great day and have fun with this attorney. He is an a s o e. Fill in the letters. lol


Wes Luke

Bob -

The idea of an Attorney threatening someone for any reason is pretty far out there and really shouldn't be tolorated.

I'd suggest reporting the incident to the Oregon State Bar Association, as a minimum. Maybe even ask the State Attorney General's Office to look into it.

Charles Tooke, CPL

Dear Charles,

I wish I had said that. You're absolutely right. The only thing is, all they have so far is "he says, she says" because it was a phone conversation. I still think you're right to let the authorities know. This attorney may have a history of threatening people.
Wes Luke