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I have been so impressed with all of the valuable information that professionals and experienced individuals have shared with us the uninformed public but..............That being said, is there a LISTING of web sites that are out there for the public to do a bunch of this research themselves to better educate us on how to understand the industry and become more informed. After about 2 weeks of late night reading this wonderful forums discussions and looking into some of the Hyper-links, I am finally getting a better understanding of the depth of some of the web sites that must be available to the pro's to aid in their research and knowledge. I don't feel this would create be a mass exodus of mineral rights owners to do all the work themselves and disregard the importance of a Landman or Attorney from doing what they do best, I'm sure there is a higher percentage of mineral owner that don't live anywhere near there property so the demand will always be there for the person that has their boots on the ground if you catch my drift. I'm sure there must be a good location where a lot of web sites are listed for the novice owners. Thanks Again, Derek

Here's a good list compiled by Wade Caldwell:


Thank you R.T. That's a great start!!!

Also try the Mineral Help tab at the top of this page.

Thanks so much Wade, I have been reading all the wonderful information you provided us on the forum that R.T. brought to my attention with his link earlier. There's so much to get to know but I'm not giving up it's a very fascinating subject!