Mineral Owner Section 32-18-6 Kingfisher County OK

I have received several notices from Barnes Law that were addressed to my late uncle whom originally owned the minerals and wanted to know if you would be able to tell me if anything ever developed:

  1. Applicant Chrisholm Oil and Gas Operating, Cause CD No. 201707672T, Order No. 672247, Section 9 Township 19 North, Range 7 West, Kingfisher County OK. 01/23/18 Also, received the Relief Sought: Horizontal Drilling and Spacing Unit on the above 11/16/17

  2. Applicant Chrisholm Oil and Gas Operating, Cause CD No. 201797673-T, Order No. 673304, Section 9 Township 19 North, Range 7 West, Kingfisher County OK. 02/12/18

To date, I have not heard anymore and was wondering if any drilling ever happened.

I appreciate any info you can share with me as I do not understand or know how to look up this information. Have tried Googleling but that did not seem to work or I am not putting in the correct information.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and helping me.

Gail D. McLemore

You can find that sort of information on the Oklahoma Corporation website.
You can look up the regulatory cases on the OCC OAP site. OAP. Type in the case number without the T into the legal description. You can follow all of the documents filed, but the order is the final determination. Orders 672247 and 673304 were granted in January 2018.

You can find any well information at the OCC wellrecords site. Look in 3218N06W and also the section to the south because the surface location determines where the well information is posted. 0515N06W

There are several wells with production in that section. You can find production at the OTC tax site. Gross Production Usually, I start with the bottom hole location for this site. 32 18N 06W go in the boxes.

If you are trying to claim royalties, you will need to contact each of the operators and ask what they require for title proof. Any wills, trusts, probates, affidavits or heirship, etc. need to be filed in the Kingfisher County courthouse.

Thank you M Barnes. It looks like there are 3 wells that are active that I am not receiving royalties on. Brown, JC McCann and Vietnam H Unit 1-32. When I click on the PUN tab my I-pad tries to call the number. How may I find out who to contact?

Gail D. McLemore

It works better on a laptop.

The Brown 32-18-7 says Chesapeake. They just filed bankruptcy, so that could be interesting. You should still get paid if your title is clear.
Farrar 1806 1-32MH is Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions.

Ingle 32-18-6 is Chesapeake

JC McCann 2 is in the NW 160 acres, so if your minerals are not in that quarter, you will not get paid on it. Chesapeake

Rae 32-18-6 Chesapeake

Vieth Unit 1-32 is in the SW 160 acres. Again, your mineral acres must be in that spacing unit to get paid. Brown & Borelli.

You can go back to the OCC well records and get the addresses for the companies from the completion reports. Form 1002A

Those were the operators as listed on the OTC site.

Thank you so much M_Barnes! You have always been so helpful to me and I really do appreciate your time and help.

Gail D. McLemore

FYI - The last message I got from Alta Mesa (OEA) is that BCE - MACH III LLC is handling their royal payments now.

Yes. Thank you! I do receive payment from them on the Farrar well.

I would keep on top of both BCE and Chesapeake. Chesapeake just filed bankruptcy in Houston, so stay on top of paperwork. Usually, royalty owners get paid normally, but not always. I would suggest getting paper checks from BCE and not going automatically to direct deposit until you can check that everything is correct on the well payments. Alta Mesa just got bought out, so confusion can be there for a while.

You may have to file a probate for the uncle. Many good postings on the forum about that.

Thank you! I do get paper checks from both Chesapeake and BCE.

One last question. Brown is at 32 18 7 and my royalties are at 32 18 6. So would I be likely to receive royalties from Brown?

Oops on the Brown. OTC has it posted in the wrong section on the website. Not for you. Good catch.

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