Mineral owner rights when production stops

We leased with a company in nov, 2010 and through most of 2012 a pad was built, pipeline and electrical run to the site. We began receiving payments Feb, 2013 which ran to Jul 2014. After that we heard nothing from the company. We knew the pumper in our area and he told us the "pump" quit working. This was a horizontal drill. We waited and waited for the repairs to be made but nothing was ever done.

Our lease states "if at any time after the primary term, there is a total cessation of all production. for any cause, this lease shall not terminate if Lessee commences or resumes any drilling or reworking operations or production within 90 days after cessation."

It has been three years since we received any payment or any type of correspondence from them.

Has our lease terminated? What about all their equipment (piping, tanks, gauges, etc)?

Can we lease to another company? Can we force this company to re-lease or make

whatever repairs are necessary to put well back in production?

I should add that this company went through a reorganization a couple of years back if that makes any difference.

If anyone has knowledge on this issue we would appreciate hearing from you. Next step is a lawyer.

Check the OK tax commission. No revenue and no tax paid file a certificate of non development.

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Cheryl, if this is your Sec. 33-17N-4E property, the OTC website https://www4.oktax.onenet.net/GrossProduction/gp_displayPublicPUNListSearchDownload.php shows volumes reported on both the horizontal wells. The #1MH reports consecutive monthly volumes June 2016 through June 2017, and the #2 MH consecutive June 2016 through April 2017.

Thanks for responding. You sound like you have access to records that I don't. The property in question is in Alfalfa County, Sec 2-26N-9W. I don't believe there has been any production since 2014. I just really need to know how to get it back in production whether through the old lessee or if by leasing with another company.