Mineral Owner Registry

I inherited mineral rights from grandparents. Every year I receive a letter from the Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry to sign up for $35 for the year.

Is this really necessary, meaning that is it possible to not have my contact information recorded for companies to get in touch with me for new activity or sales/lease offers in some of the sections?

It helps to see current chatter from mineral owners in your area, to have a forum like this. However, you can not always be sure that what you read is accurate, as with any forum. As to whether companies can find you even if you don't have an account on the forum, they can. Many companies use websites such as Accurint to locate indiciduals, but there are many ways to accomplish this.


I don't subscribe to their service. Read into that what you wish. :)

The method used to convey your rights (Probate order of distribution, executors deed, trustees deed, etc) should have been recorded in the county clerks office for each county in which there is property. If that address (or name) is no longer current, it is best to file an affidavit of ownership stating your previous name, current name, and address along with the description of the properties in that county. This should be filed again if you move.

While we always want to be contacted when someone is interested in leasing, you really want to avoid is being identified as a missing mineral owner and force pooled without your knowledge.

Having the information filed of record with the county clerk "should" be adequate defense in an unfair forced pooling default election.